“For the king trusts in The Lord; through The Unfailing Love Of The Most High he will not be shaken.
Your Hand will lay hold on all Your Enemies; Your Right Hand will seize your foes.
When You appear for battle, You will burn them up as in a blazing furnace. “Psalm 21: 8-10

In Psalm 21, King David makes a contrast between Him who trusts in The Lord and those who hate The Lord.
We find that King David put his trust in The Lord, and he enjoyed His Protection, His Help, His Blessings, His Goodness. Similarly, we who put our trust in The Name Of The Lord Jesus will obtain the same favors from The Most High, and on top of that Eternal Life.
On the other hand, those who are against The Lord will see His Wrath and will be burned in a blazing fire. It will be the same for those who refuse to believe in The Lord Jesus!


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